How many

How many Do not buy that is not necessary for you, under a pretext that is cheap and it is still expensive to you.

Everything that becomes willingly, it not seems burdensome it is necessary to try to find in each business something that can be interesting then will do it pleasantly.

How many a grief misfortunes which never happened caused to us.

Accept all things from their easiest party.

If you are angered, count to ten before telling somethin and to hundred if the anger is strong.

Teach the child to express the opinion openlyHow many people, are so much and opinions.

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And that

And thatSo in this monologue exposure of the child of his defects and mistakes, miscalculations or failures, all latelny acts and all unseemly properties, and the main thing imperfections And it everything Kas sandry grants to us the right to foretell a forecast.

And that to us a forecast to sew, we correct the child, erasing minuses it, without a minus for us plus hardly will be clear.

in an amateurish way, supervising the kid and revealing everything that disturbs us in it, we usually liquidate all this a press of thecharges, suppression, humiliations, insults, lectures, manuals, osuzhdeniye, ocherneniye, otverzheniye, prohibitions and, of course, cautions notation plus, reproaches, edifications, threatsand finally infinite deprivations something from which most about standing a corner, but after all the corner is only deprivation bauds.

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Instead of snatching

Instead of snatching Now council to parents of the victim.

Instead of snatching on parents of the biting kid with words You have a malicious child they and so feel guilty, try to understand them and offer the help.

It not only will allow you to keep good relations, but also will release other parents from oppressive feeling I am bad mother.

As soon as speech becomes the main means of communication of your growing kid, it will replace with it former arguments teeth and hands, and thus troubles delivering to you so many behavior will disappear in itself.

THE CHILD DOES NOT WISH TO BE CONSIDERED WITH YOU Reflect for a minute that the word be considered means.

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But as a whole

But as a wholeIt with great difficulty is given reading and the letter, an ovladevaniye the sover shenno excessive appears with which at early age, and in the first class can be mute obstacles.

But as a whole such children sociable and contact.

And if we, considering their features, we will find the correct methods of education, all our problems will be .

AS IT IS NECESSARY to behave to parents with the child lefthanderConsidering the raised emotionality and extreme a litelnost of such child, to be very sensitive and telny with it.

Bad habits of good children.

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All these

All theseTo make independent, free decisions many want, but not at all these it turns out due to various reasons.

It is easy to make decisions if you know that will not be in any case worse.

If the person understands that, making independent decisions, he assumes also responsibility for them, it starts to concern them more after careful consideration.

All these problems are especially actual presently which demands active, initiative and competent people.

For this purpose it is necessary to bring up at children independence and responsibility already from the earliest age.

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